Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Temples and Mosques

We have been to several. First one had to take off shoes - used our socks we got on the airplane. One we had to take off shoes and the ladies had to cover ourselves with one of their garments even though our legs and arms were covered. Didn't understand that at all! We were able to go to Sikh Temple. Take off shoes and wear a head covering - even the men. I had my bandana and Ben and other men got the Temple bandanas. Very beautiful Temple. Interestingly, they do a lot of volunteer labor. They give 10% and can give food to the soup kitchen which runs continuously and run by volunteers. Volunteers clean the temple every day. They are building a new temple and it was built all with volunteers. We also visited the Cremation Memorial for Ghandi - shoes off for that one as well.

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