Monday, March 16, 2009

God Showed His Favor on us today

My last post on the Safari told you we had seen one tiger fairly close - maybe 50 feet away. This afternoon we took off again. They gave us Track 4 which is a long track and word was that a lioness with two cubs had killed a deer and had not finished it yet. We were going to "go fast" to see if we could see them. That sounded good until you know that "go fast" on a safari track meant that we were thrown in the air, tossed from side to side and have our teeth jarred in our heads. After maybe 45 minutes we came to the place. There were several other vehicles waiting also. We waited and waited. While the others were talking and one even started complaining about how she wanted to go back!! I was praying that God would shower us with His grace and favor and bring the tigers out for us to enjoy. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Beth Moore says God loves to show off for us and what better thing to show off than the magnificient tiger? So, I prayed. JUST before it was time to start back (the park closes at 6:00) here they came. TWO tigers. First they were behind the trees and the guide was frantic trying to get us to spot them in the trees. I finally did (had the binoculars) Then they came down and again were about 50 feet away!! TWO tigers!! WOW!! So we watched and took pictures like made. Then the tigers went back into the grass and we left. Now we only had 30 minutes to get out of the park and if we don't get out, the guide and driver can be suspended for 4 of the 8 month season. So I believe they took a short cut and we drove out of the park exactly at 6:00 but I cannot begin to tell you how rough a ride that was!! THEN on the way out of the park there was a line of traffic looking at something. It was a LEOPARD in a tree. Leopards are very hard to spot and rarely are seen. Our trip leader said he had made 100 trips to the park and this was the second time he had seen a leopard. We were able to get some shots and I think at least one of them will be good. Can you believe that?? God answered the pray about the tiger and then gave us a bonus with the Leopard! How Great is Our God!!!

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